Housing Providers

There are significant economic, social and environmental opportunities for you as a Housing Association opening around health, housing and our transition to a smart, low carbon economy. These are not easy to realise, but we would like to work with you to develop these including:

1. Membership of the Marches Sustainable Housing Partnership.

If you are based in the Marches, this Partnership will bring you together with other local Housing Associations and Local Authorities to:

  • Meet quarterly, sharing partner knowledge on renewable energy and energy efficiency developments and projects.
  • Hear from around 10 businesses, suppliers and Government departments a year on new sustainable energy opportunities.
  • Develop these to secure additional investment in your stock, or provide more support for your tenants in fuel poverty. This might include:
    • Bespoke funding bids for over £1m through ERDF or similar.
    • Accessing additional capital for insulation and heating.
    • Home visits or training around energy saving.

2. Carbon Assessment Reviews to understand your resource costs, energy use and carbon emissions. This will help you set baselines against which changes can be measured as you work towards net zero carbon by 2050 (or earlier.)

3. Support for your tenants and staff to:

  • Assess and maximise the impact of your energy projects, such as a heat pump installations or a new passivhaus development.
  • Help reduce tenant energy costs, alleviate fuel poverty, maximise income and improve health outcomes.
  • Deliver Carbon Literacy training designed to help your staff and tenants respond to our Climate Emergency.Find out more

Find out how we can help you, contact Simon Ross on 01743 277106 or email simon@mea.org.uk

Find out how we can help

Contact Simon Ross on 01743 246007
or email simon@mea.org.uk